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 Proverbs 6
12  A naughty H1100 person H120, a wicked H205 man H376, walketh H1980 with a froward H6143 mouth H6310.

 13  He winketh H7169 with his eyes H5869, he speaketh H4448 with his feet H7272, he teacheth H3384 with his fingers H676; [xref-1]

 14  Frowardness H8419 is in his heart H3820, he deviseth H2790 mischief H7451 continually H6256; he soweth H7971 discord H4066 H4090

Luke 7
31  And G1161 the Lord G2962 said G2036, Whereunto G5101 then G3767 shall I liken G3666 the men G444 of this G5026 generation G1074? and G2532 to what G5101 are they G1526 like G3664? xref-1

 32  They are G1526 like G3664 unto children G3813 sitting G2521 in G1722 the marketplace G58, and G2532 calling G4377 one to another G240, and G2532 saying G3004, We have piped G832 unto you G5213, and G2532 ye have G3738 not G3756 danced G3738; we have mourned G2354 to you G5213, and G2532 ye have G2799 not G3756 wept G2799.

 33  For G1063 John G2491 the Baptist G910 came G2064 neither G3383 eating G2068 bread G740 nor G3383 drinking G4095 wine G3631; and G2532 ye say G3004, He hath G2192 a devil G1140. xref-2

 34  The Son G5207 of man G444 is come G2064 eating G2068 and G2532 drinking G4095; and G2532 ye say G3004, Behold G2400 a gluttonous G5314 man G444, and G2532 a winebibber G3630, a friend G5384 of publicans G5057 and G2532 sinners G268!

 35  But G2532 wisdom G4678 is justified G1344 of G575 all G3956 her G846 children G5043.

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