This is the Papal Regalia, or more simply put, the complete rendition of Vatican City’s Coat of Arms.

Why does the largest powerhouse of man-made religion and so called ‘Christianity’ promulgate a Coat of Arms depicting a human in a slave collar of bondage?

It goes way deeper than slavery, wait until you see ALL of the hidden symbolism and its true origins exposed in this stunning presentation!

FEATURED DVD: Revelation of THE END (2 Part DVD)

“This is the truth: everyone, you and I, your family, all your loved ones and all your friends, even your enemies, are born into a prison. Your warden is ruthless. He even despises and hates all of you; he has legal ownership of you and everyone else. He enjoys knowing your fate is endless suffering and agony. You are in a prison that cannot be broken out of the bars are unbreakable, uncuttable, impenetrable. The prison itself is inescapable. Your only hope is that someone can get the keys and open the door. Put them in the keyholes and turn the keys upside down so that the locks are opened and the prisoners sitting in darkness can go through the doors and be set free.” – (from DVD Special: Revelation of THE END)

Papal Regalia, located at the base of the Baldacchino (the canopy) that covers the papal altar in St. Peter’s Basilica.


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