The same F.B.I. confirmed pedophilia symbols that have been officially documented have now be found in direct affiliation with Twitter Inc.

These three screenshots below are from the Translation Center, webpage of Twitter Inc.

twitter translate 1

Notice the symbols. This is 100% convicting evidence.

twitter translate 2

These same symbols were also found on POLICE BADGES of United States sheriffs! (.. & you wonder why there are no #PizzaGate convictions!)

twitter translate 3

The ‘translate’ page is used to sign up for the social platform, Twitter, in which users communicate a message to people across multiple languages to reach a multitude of countries.

… I wonder what kind of message Twitter is trying to translate to its members? …

Here is the official F.B.I. confirmed child pedophilia network symbols released in 2007 (just in case you are unaware):

The message Twitter Inc. conveys on this webpage is exactly how the covert shadow pedophilia network operates and communicates. Using ‘insider symbols’ cryptically right in front of our face!

We now know why Twitter executives will not compile John Podesta, Hillary Clinton and all of the elite pedophilia damning evidence communicated throughout their platform on their accounts to put these criminals behind bars – because they are not only complicit with the pedophilia networks.. but Twitter is the premiere communicative platform being utilized directly for the dark-net discrete child trafficking communication – and they are apart of it!  

Now let’s pull back the curtain even further – You must understand by now there is a spiritual element to this highly illegal, disgusting and outright demonic behavior included in #PizzaGate.

These bombshell presentations reveal the utmost truth of our cannibalistic world government:  

FEATURED VIDEO: Cannibalistic World Government / WAKE UP!!!

“We are going to tie some data points together. This has everything to do with cannibalism; it has everything to do with Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, world government, the world that you live in and the people that are in the positions of power – whether or not it’s in entertainment or in government, whether or not it’s construction – it doesn’t matter. The people that are in power – you are going to find something horrifying out about them right now.” – (Opening scene of Cannibalistic World Government / WAKE UP!!!)

FEATURED VIDEO: CNN/Cannibal News Network


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