Scripture of the Day: 2 Kings 20: 8-11
Highlighted are word(s) that have interesting definitions.

H7495 רָפָה רָפָא
râphâ’ râphâh
raw-faw’, raw-faw’
A primitive root; properly to mend (by stitching), that is, (figuratively) to cure: – cure, (cause to) heal, physician, repair, X thoroughly, make whole. See H7503.

H4609 מַעֲלָה
Feminine of H4608; elevation, that is, the act (literally a journey to a higher place, figuratively a thought arising), or (concretely) the condition (literally a step or grade mark, figuratively a superiority of station); specifically a climactic progression (in certain Psalms): – things that come up, (high) degree, deal, go up, stair, step, story.

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