Vatican City (The Holy See) is so influential, it is regulated as its own country! What gives it so much power? Are the papal elites practicing cabalistic witchcraft – casting dark, hypnotic spells over the mass population? Why is Roman Catholicism home to 1.2 billion followers and yet the only ones benefiting are the ‘upper elite’? Are Roman Catholic clergy members and the Pope really helping society when performing rituals to the mass populous or are they sucking the very life out of our society?

Awake out of their spiritual wickedness – the darkest secrets of Vatican City and its worldwide spiritual enslavement system have now been revealed! What was once a mystery is now unveiled for public awareness. This is hands down the biggest conviction of the religious hypocrites running the entire infrastructure of Catholicism! THE DEVIL’S CHURCH IS OFFICIALLY EXPOSED! Ground breaking evidence you have never seen before will completely leave you awe-struck in this presentation:


The Vatican, Mary Worship, & Catholicism Exposed series includes five parts: Part I – Basilica: The King Serpent | Part II – The Key to Knowledge | Part III – The Red Cleansing | Part IV – Mitochondria Drain | Part V – Breath of Life.

“A look at how the man-made religion known as Catholicism, has twisted the Scriptures, and set up a system of discreet bondage to keep people living in sin, feeding the Devil and his minions unwittingly.” – (from The Vatican, Mary Worship, & Catholicism Exposed)

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