The Polaris (also called North Star, polar star, polestar) is the brightest star in Ursa Minor; at the end of the handle of the Little Dipper and is used as the main reference point in navigation or astronomy – so why is it hidden on Google Maps?

The North Star (aka the Polaris) is a highly important piece of every map, as it literally was used for centuries to navigate ancient travelers, expeditionists and even guide ships on the high sea. It is even more significant to have the correct position of the Polaris located in astrology because it ensures that all of the constellations are appropriately mapped out in their correct distances and orientations. Why would you ever think of hiding such an integral point on any map!  There is no reason to have the Polaris covered up, unless of course to covertly convey a message of some sort.  Let us uncover all the elements of this massive fraud portrayed in Google’s Sky Maps in the video documentation posted below.

DISCLAIMER: You may never look at the world the same ever again.


Why is the Polaris or ‘North Star’ hidden in Google Maps? Who is behind this cover up – what are the connections? The original video (featured within this video) can be found at: Polaris Globus Cruciger Cross Revealed.

If you simply open the Google Earth application and click on ‘Sky’ view, you will see that exact same phenomenon presented in this video. This is a huge validation that the Jesuit and Freemason controlled conglomerates include Google and their globe designed Earth model. The information introduced in this video should alarm us all to question what is going on behind the scenes at Google.

We all know that Google has basically ‘taken over the world’ – as it is the biggest monopoly of collective resources of human data ever known – but who knew just how literal that phrase would become.

THIS IS BOMBSHELL – so much in fact, I am at a loss of words to even describe it – Must see video above.

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