Warning: The Slaughter of the Sheep – Planned Mass Extermination in NYC

Psalm 44:22  Yea, for thy sake are we killed all the day long; we are counted as sheep for the slaughter. 

Times Square – NYC: Herds of ‘sheeple’ watch themselves on the big screens as Wyoming ranchers display their flocks of sheep every night during the month of December. This event, known as the Midnight Moment: Counting Sheep, “is the largest coordinated effort by the sign operators in Times Square to display synchronized, cutting-edge creative content at the same time every day.” [1]

This short video exposes the agenda behind this suspicious event. What is unveiled will blow your mind! 

For more information and an in depth look at the material presented in this article, please visit the neatly compiled resources here. The hidden symbology within the month long event “Counting Sheep” in NYC literally transcribes the exact prophetic utterance from 2007 revealed through the minister of This is it 4321 Be4TheFire. 

The Times Square event has so many spiritual messages you would have to be blind not ‘get the hint’ at what the message is – it is clear. 

This is it. 

[1] Source: https://youtu.be/YCYHHxQrHU0


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