Scripture of the Day: Jeremiah 19: 11-15
Highlighted are word(s) that (I find) have interesting definitions.

H3627 כְּלִי
From H3615; something prepared, that is, any apparatus (as an implement, utensil, dress, vessel or weapon): – armour ([-bearer]), artillery, bag, carriage, + furnish, furniture, instrument, jewel, that is made of, X one from another, that which pertaineth, pot, + psaltery, sack, stuff, thing, tool, vessel, ware, weapon, + whatsoever.

H6999 קָטַר
A primitive root (rather identical with H7000 through the idea of fumigation in a close place and perhaps thus driving out the occupants); to smoke, that is, turn into fragrance by fire (especially as an act of worship): – burn (incense, sacrifice) (upon), (altar for) incense, kindle, offer (incense, a sacrifice).

H7185 קָשָׁה
A primitive root; properly to be dense, that is, tough or severe (in various applications): – be cruel, be fiercer, make grievous, be ([ask a], be in, have, seem, would) hard (-en, [labour], -ly, thing), be sore, (be, make) stiff (-en, [-necked]).

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